Our birth on this earth is not without a purpose. The biggest purpose is to experience eternal joy. No wonder the human race is always on the hunt for fulfillment of its desires.

If vastu of the office,house or factory is in disarray, it shall immediately cause imbalance in our lives and shall leave an impact on our subconscious mind. mahavastu is a four step vastu application, a method which recognizes the influences of it on our day to day life.


The 4-step Vastu analysis are outlined below:

  1. Effect of the main entrance and other entrances to the premises.
  2. Power of 16 directions spreading from the centre of the said premises.
  3. Influence of % elements i.e.  space, air, water, earth and fire.
  4. Balancing of elements and programing.
  5. Once this 4-Steps diagnosis are found matching 100% with the symptoms of the problem only then trial and tested mahavastu remedies are applied in the building to programme the relevant space for manifestation of desires.  For this 16 easy-to-apply scientific techniques are employed to achieve desired solutions without demolition.

Following are the 16 zones:

North-East (NE)

It is the Zone of Wisdom, Meditation and Inspiration. In Vastu, this Zone is ideal for Meditation.

East of North-East (ENE)

It governs Fun and Refreshment in your life. It is the ideal Zone for a Family Lounge.

East (E)

The energy generated by East Zone facilitates the Social Connectivity. It is the ideal Zone for a Drawing Room.

East of South-East (ESE)

The balanced state of this Zone imparts depth to your thought and gives you a deeper understanding of life’s processes.

South-East (SE)

Also known as the Fire Zone, it is the Zone of Money.

South of South-East (SSE)

If in a building this Zone is depressed, its occupants will lack Strength and Confidence.

South (S)

Most importantly, this is the Zone of Fame, Recognition and Social Reputation.

South of South-West (SSW)

In Vastu, the energy of this Zone removes all that is ‘waste’ and useless in your life. A lack of this energy results in a lot of time, money and effort being wasted on unimportant things, fruitless thoughts, unimportant discussions etc.

South-West (SW)

It is the Zone of Skill, Marriage, Family Harmony, Bonding, Stability in life and Relationships.

West of South-West (WSW)

The West of South-West is the Zone of Studies, of repeated Practice or vidya abhyaas, knowledge and education.

West (W)

The energy of this Zone ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste.

West of North-West (WNW)

It is the Zone of rodhan i.e. stress and depression.

North-West (NW)

The North-West Zone generates the energy that attracts Supportive and Helpful people for any cause you pursue.

North of North-West (NNW)

This is the Zone of attraction and sex, sensual enjoyment and sense of fulfillment.

North (N)

As North Zone represents Money or Treasure, its energy helps you to generate New Opportunities to earn money.

North of North-East (NNE)

If this Zone is disturbed, your Body-Resistance and Immune System weakens, making you prone to illnesses from which recovery is slow.